Rio here we come!

We are very excited and proud to announce that Emerald and Harrie Smolders are going to Rio with the Dutch team!

Rob Ehrens has chosen a very strong team to defend the Netherlands in Rio: our beautiful Emerald and Harrie go together with double World and European Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam and SFN Zenith NOP, Maikel Van Der Vleuten with VDL Groep Verdi TN NOP, and Jur Vrieling with VDL Zirocco Blue NOP. Gerco Schroder and Glock’s London NOP are the reserve combination.

Fingers crossed for this amazing team in Rio next month!


Zondag 14 aug
15.00-18.40 uur Individueel: kwalificatie  
Dinsdag 16 aug   15.00-18.30 uur Team: kwalificatie  
Woensdag 17 aug   15.00-17.45 uur Team: finale  
Vrijdag 19 aug   15.00-19.40 uur Individueel: finale