Regina Z give everything during WC final

Harrie and Regina Z start very well in the first round for the WC final. The first round was directly on time. Harrie and Regina Z were clear around in a sharp time. After the first round they were 7th. On friday there was a very heavy round on the program from course designer Louis Koninckx. There were three combinations clear around. Harrie and Regina Z get two faults. Two rounds on sunday were making the final complete. Harrie and Regina were fired for a good result to put down and finish as high as possible. In the first round the were get a fault and where to late to finish. In the second round they had bad luck and get a fault to. In totally there were only 2 combinations clear around for the jump-off. Rich Fellers was the new winner of the WC final. Harrie and Regina Z ends at a beautiful 10th place!

Next week Harrie is going to the dutch champions in Mierlo