Okidoki van 't Gelutt wins in Valkenswaard

It was very hot this weekend in Valkenswaard during the CSI. Harrie and Okidoki van 't Gelutt (Omar) qualified for the final young horses at sunday morning. With 12 compititors they where placed for the jump-off. Harrie and Okidoki where clear around in a very quick time and win the final! Later that day Harrie starts Regina Z in the 1.50. A total of 20 combinations where placed for the jump-off. Harrie and Regina Z takes a beautiful 3th place. Also Sergio Alvaro Moga and Zipper (Apple Juice) placed for the jump-off and ends at a 8th place. Zipper is born at the Smolders stables. With his 8 years he may be a talent for the future. The Global Champions tour was on saturday. Harrie and Exquis Walnut de Muze placed for the second round. They get some pionts for the ranking of the Global Champions Tour 2012.