Good weekend for Harrie and Enjoy Louis

Harrie was this weekend at the Stephex Masters in Belgium. With Delilah Z (Darco) he starts in the young horses classes. On friday the ended at a 10th place. On saterday they start in the final. They placed for the jump-off. With a fast time and one fault they get no victory but Delilah Z was the best horse from the Zangersheide Studbook. She won the Zangersheide price. Enjoy Louis (Coriano) had a good weekend. 9th place in the 1.45 classes. 10th place in the small grand prix on saterday. On sunday they start in the Grand Prix. Also now Enjoy Louis jumps fantastic. Only one time fault keep them out the jump-off. 4 combinations starts in the jump-off. Harrie and Enjoy Louis ended at a 5th place.