Don VHP Z and Emerald in Paris

In the beautiful arena down under the Eiffel Harrie was this weekend in Paris with his horses Emerald and Don VHP Z. For Harrie and Don VHP Z was it there first Global Champions Tour. They are a combination for just a few months. Don VHP Z did it very well in the 1.50 classes on Friday. They were clear with 15 other combinations and placed for the jump-off. Also the jump-off was clear and they ended at a 3th place. On Saturday Harrie and Don VHP Z start in the Global Champions tour. They get only one fault. On Sunday Harrie starts Emerald in the Grand Prix from Paris. It was a very difficult course. Only 7 combinations were clear. Also Harrie and Emerald. Emerald was jumping fantastic! They ended at a 6th place.