Chico Z is henceforth Gitano

Chico Z (Carentano x Concorde) is born 11 years ago at the Smolders Stables. After 8 years the gelding is sold to the Brazilaan Yuri Mansur. Yuri and Chico Z received very good results. They where in Leipzig with the WC final. Later that year they where 2nd in Sao Paulo. They had also a 2nd place in the nations cup of Buenos Aires. At the end of 2011 Chico Z is sold to the Mexicaan Federico Fernandez. Fererico give Chico Z a new name Gitano. Last week they where in Germany Mannheim. They end at a 7th place in the GP of Mannheim. 1 time fault keep them out the jump off. Look here for the fantastic ride.
Gitano Mannheim 2012