Bad luck at CHIO Rotterdam

Harrie was this weekend in Rotterdam (NED) with his horses Emerald, Regina Z and Springtime. All te horses feels very good. On saterday Harrie starts Regina Z in the Championship of Rotterdam. Regina Z jumps clear in the first round. Placed for the jump off with 16 other combinations. They take all the risk in the jump off and get a fault on the oxer. No top ranking any more for Harrie and Regina Z. On sunday Harrie starts the stallion Emerald in the Grand Prix of Rotterdam. Emerald stays in a very good shape with a great first round! Also 15 other combinations stay clear and placed for the jump off. Harrie was the last compititor in the jump-off. At that moment Lucy Davis and Barron takes the lead. They must take all the risk for a high ranking. They start very strong in the jump off only the first oxer of the double combinations came down. No top ranking anymore. But all the horses are in a very good shape so we hope for a lot of beautiful results this summer!

video Emerald GP Rotterdam