Qlassic Bois Margot

01-01-2004   |   stallion   |   black   |   1.69   |   Selle Franšais

This beautiful black pearl preformed very well at the highest level of the equestrian sport with his rider Simon Delestre. In total 19 podium places in a 5 * grand prix. His offsprings have now followed in his footsteps. For example, Bandit Savoie and Abdel Said won the Grand Prix of Wellington in 2021.

Licensed stallion

Licensed for:  SF, Holst, Zang, KWPN
Studfee:700 euro +700 euro bij dracht
Sperm:fresh, frozen,

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Qlassic Bois Margot


1st grand prix Coupe du Monde de Malines
1st Grand Prix Bordeaux
1st grand prix Coupe de Monde de Malines 2013-2016
1st Grand Prix Tour d'Anvers
2nd Grand Prix Geneve
2nd Grand Prix La Chapelle
2nd Grand Prix Bordeaux
2nd Grand Prix Oslo
2nd Grand Prix de Vienne
2nd Grand Prix Valkenswaard 2013-2015
2nd Grand Prix Gijon
3rd Grand Prix Geneve
3rd Grand Prix London
3rd Grand Prix St Tropez
3rd nation cup Rome
3rd nation cup Rotterdam 


 stallion: L'ard de Triomphe is a stallion who has produced several successful offspring at the highest level. Such ast the 1.60 horses Quintonine du Pas, Rockfeller de Pleville Bois Margot, Ulane de Coquerie and many more. 

Damline: the mother is from the successful stallion Galoubet A. The damline produced more 1.60 horses like Horizon du Roc, Nistria and Rocket. 

offsprings: Qlassic Bois Margot not only produces stunning offspring, they are now also very successful in the sport, such as Bandit Savoie of Abdel Said who won the Grand Prix of Wellington 2021.


L'Arc de Triomphe  Landor S  Landadel 
Fureida II 
Praeludium  Pilot 
Dedibelle du Roc  Galoubet A  Alme 
Source d'Espoir  Double Espoir 


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