Chico Z

01-03-2001   |   gelding   |   bay   |   170   |   Zangersheide

Chico Z is born and grow up at our stables. As a 4 year old horse Toon and Caroline Smolders are riding him at a 1.20 classes. As a 8 year old horse Annelies Vorsselmans riding him international. For the first time he was very successful at CHIO Eindhoven in 2010. Later he is sold to the Brazilian Yuri Mansur Guerios. Yuri and Chico Z qualificate for the world championship final at Leipzig in 2011. Chico Z is in 2011 sold to the mexicaan Frederico Fernandez. Chico Z is called now Gitano. Also this combination was already succesfull. They were 7th in the GP of Manheimm


Leipzig, CSI*** WC, Yuri Mansur Geurios, 16de
Linz-Ebelsberg, CSI**** Nations Cup, Yuri Mansur Guerios, 3de

Eindhoven, CSI*, Annelies Vorsselmans, 11de
Buenos Aires, CSI** WC, Yuri Mansur Guerios, 6de
Buenos Aires, CSI** Nations Cup, Yuri Mansur Guerios, 3de
Rio de Janeiro, CSI** WC, Yuri Mansur Guerios, 9de


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