21-11-2022 // Super Grand Prix Prague

 Last week the super cup final of the Global Champions League and the super grand prix in Prague were on the ...
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21-11-2022 // Bingo du Parc 5th in de WC Stuttgart

 Harrie traveled to Stuttgart with his horses Uricas vd Kattevennen and Bingo du Parc. In the 1.55 Masters it ...
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07-11-2022 // Uricas 2nd in Verona

 This weekend Harrie was at the World Cup qualifying in Verona. With his horse Une de L'Othain he already achieved ...
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Welcome to the site of Harrie Smolders

On this site you will find everything concerning the horses and the events at the Smolders stable. Here you can read where and when Harrie Smolders will enter a competition and which horses will come along. We will of course keep you posted about the results!
Here you will also find detailed information about training facilities, consultancy for purchasing and selling horses and management support.

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