Harrie will gladly assist you in searching the horse that fits you. These horses might be high-quality jumpers for any level but also hunters, breeding mares and foals. Harrie encounters many horses from all over the world on a daily basis. That is exactly the reason why it remains a challenge to him to pair the right horse with the right owner. Some successful combinations brought about in the past by Harrie Smolders are listed among the references.

Harrie also offers the possibility to take care of the coaching, training and management of the new combination after the purchase of the horse, thus ensuring optimum effect on the formation of a team and achieving the desired performances.
Qualified for championships:
2004  Ryuichi Obata with Exquis Oliver Q         Olympic Games Athene
2006  Eiken Sato with Cayak                              World Championship Aachen
2008  Eiken Sato with Cayak                              Olympic Games Peking
2008  Li Zhen Qiang with Jumpy des Foutains   Olympic Games Peking
2010  Eiken Sato with Cartoon                            World Championship Kentucky
2012  Jamal Rahimov with Warrior                     Olympic Games Londen
2013  Jos Verlooy with Domino                          European Championship Herning
2014  Jos Verlooy with Domino                          World Championship Caen
2015  Jos Verlooy with Domino                          European Championship Aachen
2018  Jos Verlooy with Igor                                 World Championship Kentucky
2019  Jos Verlooy with Igor                                  European Championship Rotterdam
                                                                              Team gold and individual bronze medal
2019  Jos Verlooy with Varoune                           Belgium championship golden medal

World Cup History:
2009  Eiken Sato with Cartoon                            Winner World Cup Qualifier Mechelen
2016  Audrey Coulter with Capitol Colnardo       Winner World Cup Qualifier Sacramento

Qualified for World Cup Final:
2015  Jos Verlooy with Domino                           5th place
2016  Jos Verlooy and Audrey Coulter
2017  Audrey Coulter

Other Highlights:
Jos Verlooy with Domino                                      Winner Grand Prix CSI5* Los Angeles
Jos Verlooy with Domino                                      Winner Nations Cup Aachen
Audrey Coulter with Capitol Colnardo                  3th Super League Final USA
Team Antwerp Diamonds                                    2nd overall in the Global Champions League
Jennifer Gates and Capital Colnardo                   3rd place 5* grand prix Calgary

Please feel free to contact us when buying or selling a horse or for coaching your horse! We will be delighted to handle this for you from start to finish!